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Detail Items for 1966 Chevrolets

Over the years, I have received questions on what parts are correct for 1966. Below are various images of parts to help you identify and understand what

components are correct for your car

Four Speed Shifter Handles: Below the handle on the left is for a '65 Impala SS Console car, The middle one is for '66 Console equipped cars, and the one on the right is for Bench Seats. Notice the curvature of the handles in relation to one another

Front Multiplex Stereo Speakers: The front speakers were 10 Ohm measuring 4"x6" with a small shallow magnet and the lead wire attached.    

Four Speed Shifter Boot Ring: All '65 and '66 Bench Seat Four Speeds utilized a "Carpet Ring" to finish the carpet around the boot. These were color coordinated to match the carpet.   

Rear Multiplex Stereo Speakers: The rear speakers were 10 Ohm measuring 6"x9" with a square magnet. Part number 7294892 was stamped on the magnet   

Clutch Springs: Two clutch springs were used. The larger one, part number 3879772 is used from the "Z" bar to the Firewall Bracket. The smaller spring, part number 3849704 is used from the clutch fork to the "Z" bar 

Wiper Blades: The early version of the '66 Trico wiper blade had a flat top and utilized "Dotted" rubber refills. The second version used a Curved or "Domed" top with "Lines" on the refill. Neither version said "Made in USA"....Only "Trico" on both ends of the blade. Anco was the other supplier to GM in this time frame (Sorry I don't have any photos of Anco wiper Blade at this time)

Driveshaft Markings: For 1966 Full-size cars, only two driveshafts were used. One for the Turbo 400 and one for everything else. The Turbo 400 was marked with one black ring and two oranges ones. The standard driveshaft was marked with one orange ring and two medium green ones. The rings were applied with a "Markal" paint stick when they were being balanced at the component plant.

Radiator Cap: For 1966, 15 lb. Radiator caps were used (RC-15). The first design used part #861042, then switched to #861050. Below is the 861042 with the dimpled center rivet. 

Mag Style Wheel Cover: First introduced in 1965, the Mag Style wheel cover was carried over to the '66 Model Year as a RPO N96 or as an accessory offering

There are two ways to tell if the wheel cover you are looking at is a 65-66 Mag Style. First is the raised center cap. The '67's look similar, but the spokes run to the edge of the center cap. The other is by looking for the casting number 551851 on the back of the wheel cover center.

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